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The Great Gatsby: Greetings card (single)

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When it came to loving… he knew which Daisy to pick!

Sorry old sport, but Gatsby has a bigger house than you, prettier friends than you and a Rolls Royce to cart them all round in. To a backdrop of popping champagne corks and orchestral jazz, our hero bids to buyout his old adversary, perennial jock, Tom Buchanan and reclaim Daisy, his favourite bit of High Society totty.

This title was one of those wisely chosen by Pulp! The Classics, to coincide with the Baz Luhrman film. The cover is a pastiche of the old Alan Ladd movie poster (but you knew that right?). I’ve made the cross-reference to Robert Redford in the head area. Cigarette sir? Thank you very much! The witty tag line was provided by a member of the public via a competition (shame on them) A dim witted journo in the (free rag) Evening Standard panned this cover for having the wrong costume for the period the novel is set in, clever her, well done, you’re writing for the right publication.