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Pride & Prejudice: Greetings cards (pack of 6)

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Lock up your daughters... Darcy's in town!

Mrs Bennet is on a mission to marry off her five daughters to rich men. 
Enter, Mr Charles Bingley and his rather fit friend, Darcy. 
Love, loathing and bittersweet romance follow…

A6 greetings cards, pack of 6.

This cover was originally painted only as a sample for the publisher, but ended up being published on the first Pulp! The Classics. I used a photo of Colin Firth to paint from, as I felt that he’s still the definitive Mr Darcy for most people, the aim was to produce a Colin Firth-esque visage, not necessarily a bang-on portrait. I’ve subsequently been told it looks just like him/ nothing like him / a bit like him / just like myself! The rather smouldering expression seems to lend itself to the comedy cigarette treatment. I’m not necessarily a big fan of cigarette smoking (anymore), but I did notice a fair few vintage pulps featured the activity of smoking/leering on their covers – so mine do too. Add the strapline, and then it’s over to the designer Elsa Mathern.